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Nostril hair extension now the new trend

nostril extension

Every now and then, new things come up which we call new trends and it’s funny and pathetic all together how this trends sometimes become so popular that it becomes our way of life.

In time past, people wouldn’t allow their nostrils hair to grow beyond a certain length. Small sized scissors are normally used to cut down hairs in nostrils anytime they pop up.

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But now, people are allowing their nostril hairs to hang out of their nose in a latest trend which is fast going viral.

And those who can’t have their natural nostrils hairs to grow out are opting for an artificial Nostril hair extension.

The trend was first championed by Instagram user @gret_chen_chen.

She attached false eyelashes to her nose to give the impression that she has long and full nostril hair.

Others immediately began to copy her and it became a trend.

This trend has now given rise to the tag #nosehairextensions.

Checkout photos below:


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