Nigerian IT Consultant Jonathan Jolly, has advised parents to welcome their daughters home when their marriages fail and they decide to pack out.

According to him in a Facebook post, when a daughter comes home due to abuse in a marriage, it’s far better than for her to stay in such an abusive marriage just to die.

“Dear parents please welcome your daughter homeĀ  from a failed marriage, a divorced daughter is better than a dead daughter’, he wrote.

after divorce

His opinion is very true to a large extent, some parents sack their daughters to go back to their husband’s home when they pack out due to abuse.

Their reason for asking their daughters to return is because they mostly claim they want to protect the family from shame since outsiders would tag their daughter as someone who wasn’t able to stay in marriage.

But the fact is, if she goes back and that abusive man keeps laying hands on her, the end results would be what we all know.

This advice should be taken seriously!!!