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Patapaa’s ‘Scopatumana’ term enters world dictionary

sco pa tu mana

Pa2pa Soldier’s front liner, Patapaa Amisty has once again raised the flag of Ghana high by having his ‘Sco pa tu ma na’ term enter into world’s digital dictionary, Dictionary.com.

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His much viral term which he used on a featured song dubbed “Daavi Neba” with his fellow Ghanaian artist, Kawoula Biov made the song an instant hit.

Below is the definition of Patapaa’s term as captured on Dictionary.com;

“Sco pa tu mana is a nonsense phrase made popular by a rap by the Ghanaian musician Patapaa. The phrase inspired the Scopatumana Challenge, where people post videos of themselves rapping Patapaa’s lyrics.”

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Sighting some few examples on how the term is used, Dictionary.com indicated the following examples as it’s contextual usage;

  • ” really be walking around saying, “sco pa tu mana” without even knowing wth I’m saying.”
  • “Lool sco pa tu mana has reached french twitter. Must be Ghana’s strongest export. Even travelled farther than cocoa.”
  • “The words in the rap of the song “Skopatumana” is just too difficult to comprehend. It has no meaning yet, music has a way of making his rhythmic words interesting to the ears of his fans.”

Dictionary.com further explained the “sco pa tu mana” is a complete gibberish, apparently, but curious fans have discovered that sco pa tu mana coincidentally resembles expressions in Hawaiian, Malay, and Indonesian.

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