Home Opinion “Pray, beg for support, observe precautions” is the only language we understand

“Pray, beg for support, observe precautions” is the only language we understand


It is irrefutably true that, Africa has always been at the receiving end whenever there is a serious global problem/issue that demands research and urgent solution. “Pray, beg for support and observe precaution” is the only language we understand.

In effect, we end up using our scarce resources to pay for the solutions they discover whilst we pray. They make a lot of money from these discoveries and build wealth whilst we keep begging the World Bank and IMF for financial aid to manage such situations.

Currently, the advanced countries are taking good care of their citizens whilst knocking heads together to find a solution to the COVID–19 whilst most African countries are seriously applying for support whilst relying on God.

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Sincerely speaking, our over reliance on God or a lesser god to solve all our problems, coupled with our obsession to label any minute logical challenge, ailment, financial difficulties, natural disasters and accidents as spiritual problems is becoming the foundation of lazy thinking, incompetence, insanity and an excuse to cover up for our failures as individuals, nation and race as Africans.

Some of the powerful countries are religious undeniably, but before they pray, they make sure their institutions and various systems are operating effectively. Prayer only acts as a support for the system.

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We have failed over the years to invest in infrastructure, especially health facilities. We focus our budgets on misplaced priorities instead of investing in research in all relevant aspects to help put us in the right position to better manage situations of this sort.

Any time these kinds of issues arise, the rest of the world, especially the western countries including the World Health Organization look at Africa as “that dependent and vulnerable continent” which does not have the capacity to contain issues. Are we proud of this tag or we want to do something about it?


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