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Sarkodie is still using iPhone 6s & La Meme Gang’s RJZ is using a cracked iPhone 6s plus


While Sarkodie is still enjoying his iPhone 6s in peace, RJZ of La Meme Gang has surfaced online with his cracked iPhone 6s Plus.

The talented singer shared a photo of his  throwback song on his Instagram handle.


Unknowing to him, he is about telling the world that he is a simple guy who do not fancy worldly stuffs especially mobile phones and it’s accessories.

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His iPhone 6s plus is cracked beyond repairs indicating how hard the music game is in terms of monetizing one’s creativity.

He has committed no treason for using his own phone but his fans might say he should having been using something bigger like the Pro family per his standard.

Forget Everybody my brother RJZ lol.

See Screenshot Below:


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