Satan is very angry with you for such a whack song – Mase Ratty mocks Palago


Bad reviews are still coming in for “Megye“, a song recently released by Archipalago – this is his first song.

As it stands, Criss Waddle is mocking Archipalago incessantly on social media over the song.

The latest person to mock him is Germany-based Ghanaian social media influencer, Mase Ratty.

Taking to his Facebook page, Mase Ratty told Archipalago that even Satan would be very angry for releasing such a whack song.

He wrote:

Archipalago mufasa
Palago mufasa
Palago mufasa
How many times did I call you.
Satan is very angry with you. We all know satan is bad but you can’t disgrace him and like this to the World. Better delect that song.
By Force Musician.
Sia Banku😂😂😂.

Anyway Fano 4k. Dislike Na 666 We are not Ready for There😂😂😂😂😂”

Meanwhile, a lot of people are disliking Archipalago’s video on Youtube.