True music lovers always pay keen attention to the kind of tracks they listen to. They pay attention to lyrics, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, tone color, melody and every thing that comes with each music they give ear to.

So when a true music lover listens to two different tracks and realise that one song is sounding like the other, he/she would be quick to detect it.

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This is the case of Country Director at Channel For Africa, Ricky Rick. The top Entertainment analyst took to his Facebook wall this morning to reveal that Shatta Wale sampled part of Davido’s “Assurance” song and used it in his “Melissa” song which was released just yesterday.

The part that Shatta Wale is accused of sampling is Davido’s line in Assurance which reads: “I am looking for a sister, Chioma my lover”

Shatta Wale’s own sounded: “Oh my darling eyy MELISSA, Obroni MELISSA“.

davido and shatta wale

The choice of words from both artistes are totally different. But if you pay close attention to the rhythm, it sounds the same.

Listen to Davido’s “I am looking for a sister, Chioma my lover” below:

Now compare it to Shatta Wale’s “Oh my darling eyy MELISSA, Obroni MELISSA” in his Melissa song below:

This isn’t the first time Shatta Wale is copying from Davido. Barely some few months ago, he was accused of ‘stealing’ his stage craft idea from Davido.