Shatta Wale keeps on entertaining Ghanaians with his attitude and music but his recent techniques of subtly mocking his lyrical rival and dance-hall competitor, Stonebwoy is moving way out of hand.

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As many will argue on his behalf that he does not mention Stonebwoy‘s name whenever he does his ‘mocks’ on his social media handles, some would also refute it with the popular saying that goes; ‘Who the cap fit, let him wear it‘.

Shatta Wale in a latest video released on his IG claimed he has created a new dance called ‘Congratulating Dance‘ and he shared it on his Instagram account.

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Close family and friends who spotted the video alerted him to pull it down since it clearly shows he is teasing no one but Stonebwoy.

Shatta who thought he was smart enough managed to delete the video which by then had been downloaded and screen recorded by many of his fans and followers.

He later indicated that Ghanaians take things too personal and that they shouldn’t forget he is an entertainer.

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As a matter of fact, his fans started taking to social media pages having the video uploaded on pleading for it to be brought down for the sake of unity between himself and 1GAD.

The concept behind the video was drawn from their brouhaha which happened on the stage of just ended VGMA [Click To Read Full Story].

However, they have forgotten that recording the video at the first place wasn’t necessary regardless posting it on his social media handles.

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Ah well, we have already gotten the video and would love all of our cherished families to have a view of it and judge for themselves.

Watch Video Below:

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