gucci derkyi

A Dubai-based Ghanaian Big boy, Gucci Derkyi has told ladies in a post via Facebook that they deserve better in what ever relationship they are in.

And that they’re entitled to receiving financial support from their boyfriend. Derkyi stated that if their boyfriends cannot be able to support financially, talkless of buying them at least iPhone 12 which cost GHS9,500, then the ladies should break up with those kind of guys because they are lazy.

He wrote: My dear ladies just break up with him if he can’t support u in any financial situations , or buy u latest iPhone 12 ( 9500gh ) ….. lazy guys Make your girlfriends happy “

gucci derkyi

His post has sparked a lot of conversation on Facebook with a lot of netizens disagreeing with him. “I have a family to impress not girlfriend to feed. Tell them to find a job as well“, one Owusu Addo Gabriel replied.

gucci derkyi

A female FB user Li Ly also added that relationship isn’t about materialistic things. “And you think relationship is all about materialistic things. You are a miserable person“, she wrote.

gucci derkyi gucci derkyi gucci derkyi


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