About a couple of days ago, fast-rising actress, Rosemond Brown aka Akuapim Polo got herself trending after her s*xtape leaked on social media.

In the video, one can see her climbing a fellow actor identified as Edwin Agbeli Quami Jnr on bed.

The next thing we could hear was to see Akuapim Polo moaning after ‘the thing’ probably entered her deeply.

Well, many have argued that the video isn’t a s*xtape but rather a movie scene. Just that it looks to real for us to accept that it is indeed a movie scene.

Akuapim Polo has finally spoken after the embarrassing incident. In a post sighted on her Instagram wall, the actress wrote that she’ll rather not talk because sometimes, she let things go.

Sometimes I let it go! Good morning Fam 👗“, she wrote.


Her response is quite surprising because on a normal day, she would have taken to social media blasting Bloggers to every extent.

Watch the supposed s*x tape below:

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