Almost all our public figures now have “coded” means of dissing their rivals.

They’ll put their ‘diss’ in such a way that, you need a little bit of deep thinking in other to decode their message.

Well, actress and TV personality, Efia Odo, has accused Fella Makafui of stealing and stealing in no other way but how she stole Medikal from Sister Derby.

efia odo
efia odo

She wrote on Instagram that her sins and worship are all done in public.

“How about yours?“, Efia Odo quizzed.

She went on to say you think the meat you stole from the soup is not sin.

“Stealing is a sin oooo”, she ended.

“My sins and worship are all done in public.. how bout yours? Lol you think the meat you stole from the soup no bi sin😂😂 stealing is a sin oooo”, Efia Odo wrote.

Post below:

In an attempt to decode her message, one can see that Efia Odo is noted for dressing semi-nude and doing amorous things with her alleged ex-boyfriend, Kweku Reveloe in public.

This is the only sin Ghanaians accuse her of.

Then, when it come to worship to, we know she always claim to be closer to God than we all think.

So her sins and worship are known in public.

However, looking at Fella Makafui, the sins we accuse her of are many (accusations of having sponsors, having a butt implant etc.), yet she always play the Saint.

More so, her wonderful ability of acquiring wealth in the shortest possible time is still a mystery to Ghanaians.


Nevertheless, Fella would keep thanking God for her success as her form of worship.

So we all know her worship, but her sins are hidden.

But it’s as if she (Fella Makafui) doesn’t care what people would say about how she stole a meat (Medikal) from Sister Derby’s pot of soup.

But Efia Odo wants to remind her that, all sin, is sin including the meat (Medikal) she has just stolen from Sister Derby.

Backcasting, Efia Odo and Fella Makafui’s beef all started when the former accused the latter of sleeping with big men for favours.

Efia even said Fella was sleeping with Medikal (which has proved true today) and that she has also done a but implant to make her azz bigger.

Fella Makafui on the other hand accused Efia Odo of being a chronic gossip and that it was prior to this that she cut ties with her although they were best of besties in the past.


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