Throwback photo of Nana Appiah Mensah arrested & handcuffed pops up


Menzgold CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah is having a great deal of bad days lately prior to his battle with SEC.

Well, he has been accused of engaging in “Ponzi Scheme” rather than the “Gold vault market” services he always proclaim.

Just some few days ago, someone who claims he/she knows him very well back in the days claim NAM1 hid in his house in Kasoa between January to August in 2014 after he was to be arrested by the Police for getting involved in an investment fraud.

According to the person, it was Gold fraud, visa etc. The unidentified person also noted that NAM1 had a partner in crime called William Atsu. The duo then had their office in Weija, Accra.

He said that to prove what he/she is saying, we can contact Weija-SCC Police Station, Liberia Camp to verify whether or not NAM 1’s case isn’t there.

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NAM 1 is said to have started with Menzbank, then Menzbanc and now Menzgold and all these was planned in Kasoa.

The person further revealed that William Atsu has his bench warrant pending at the Awutu Beraku Court since 2015.

The individual revealing all these also said Nana Appiah Mensah borrowed furniture and equipment from him/her to start his Brew Marketing Company.

Now, if you study NAM 1 carefully, he limps on one leg, it has also being revealed that his leg dislocated when he was jumping a fence at night while running away from the Police Station.

Below is a screenshot of what the person wrote:


When Celebrities Buzz saw this, we thought that perhaps, someone can just seat in one corner and write lies about the business mogul.

But then again, we have another picture here which shows Nana Appiah Mensah and his partner in crime, William Atsu in handcuffs proving that they were indeed arrested in the past.

Picture below dated 2012—that’s 6 years ago:


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