Video: Is Nana Ama McBrown forcing her husband Maxwell to love her?


Actress Nana Ama Mcbrown is 45 years old whiles her husband Maxwell is 35—a 10 year age gap.

Well, age is just a number.

However, Maxwell’s attitude in public is always as if Nana Ama is forcing him to love her.

Just recently some Ghanaian celebrities were at a Ghanaian blogger’s birthday party including Nana Ama Mcbrown and husband.

Interestingly, the demeanor of Maxwell was as if Nana Ama McBrown begged him to be there.

Thus, whiles McBrown was on her feet dancing and smiling, Maxwell looked like he was pissed off for just being there.

In their photos, Maxwell touches McBrown as if he is being forced to do so forgetting that he’s married to her.

But then, those who’ve seen Maxwell’s questionable attitude whenever he accompanies Nana Ama McBrown to places have said that Maxwell is just camera shy but that’s too shallow argument for one to believe.

As a reminder, Counsellor Lutterodt on several occasions has said that Nana Ama and Maxwell’s marriage would fail because of the age difference. Although Ghanaians blasted him but it’s obvious Lutterodt’s prophesy is bound to happen with time per the recent happenings.

Watch video:

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