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Warning shots were fired as Menzgold customers got arrested & charged by the Police for storming NAM1’s Trasacco Mansion to ‘Hijack’ him

Warning shots were fired as Menzgold 'debt claimers' got arrested & charged by the Police for storming NAM1's Trasacco Mansion to 'Hijack' him

Yesterday, some aggrieved and ‘hungry’ Menzgold customers stormed NAM1’s Trasacco Mansion to demand their locked funds.

They alleged that Nana Appiah Mensah aka NAM1 is really playing smart with their minds in his bid to make them forget about their huge cash currently locked with him.

The angry fans held placards with inscriptions clearly suggesting that they aren’t pleased with how the whole Menzgold development.

According to the reports, the aggrieved customers are mostly residents of Tarkwa, Kumasi, and Accra.

Their visit to NAM1’s apartment backfired as the Police brought about 5 pickup vans to arrest them straight to the Accra Police Command in an operation that had them firing warning shots.

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They were locked and per reports gathered, they are being charged with Unlawful entry.

Many people in their reaction on Twitter labeled NAM1 as a hardened criminal.

Some alleged that he is using his wealth to secure public protection from the national security agencies.

Anyway it is, he has indicated that he’s got the cash to pay his investors so what is preventing the government from aiding him?

See some comments below:

Nam 1 has gained notoriety ooo after duping people he’s now firing gunshots at them. I stand with Menzgold customers

Menzgold customers are not angry enough, they should’ve burnt down the house of Nam 1. This fraudster has gained notoriety and it is very appalling. Living in Trassaco comfortably at the expense of his defrauded clients.

Menzgold customers storm Nam 1s residence for their money! While the police run after them and arrest as many as 200 customers to the regional police headquarters. Reason being disturbance at the trassaco community. 4 warning shots heard from the CEOs

Watch Video Below:

See Screenshots Below:

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