The George Floyd murder and its accompanying outbursts, sloganeering and activism have thrown more light on the age-long social decay and racial biases that the Black race has suffered since time immemorial.

My concern about the lives of Blacks living everywhere on the planet gives me sleepless nights and burdensome days.

I am moved by the George Floyd- induced protests staged across towns, cities and nations over racism and how it has eaten into the moral, mental and attitudinal fabric of society but I am certain these hues and cries will amount to nothing without a systemic change in values.

Mrs Alaina Mensah

Africa is deemed as the home for all Blacks living anywhere and doing whatever. History has continued to remind all of us of the need to be mindful of our pasts, our roots and our heritage and not throw away what we are made of.

I interviewed a Black-American of a Ghanaian root living in the United States of Amerca off record on several pertinent issues of concern relating to the obvious canker of racism, injustices and intra-Black racial biases.

My interview was in three folds: I wanted to find out how Blacks think about the whole George Floyd conundrum, Racism and why Blacks do not want to return to Africa. Her revelations to me were profound, somewhat baffling and also intuitive.

Alaina Mensah is the founder of the Queens of Africa United International Foundation USA. According to the aim of this NGO, “It takes a village to raise our children and help others in destitute situations, locally Sacramento, California, the nationwide USA and International Ghana, Africa.”

Mrs Alaina Mensah has lived in America almost all her life and has visited Ghana occasionally to have a feel of how the small West African nation is moving to the top.

In my interview with her, she confirmed that George Floyd was murdered in cold blood and it was recorded by a woman who dared to share for the entire world to see. According to her, although the murder is condemnable, George Floyd had criminal records and was arrested by the cops for an offence.

Alaina stressed that George Floyd had criminal records which may have necessitated his arrest and led to his eventual death.

I asked her why it appears Blacks are divided on the ‘BlacksLivesMatter” mantra and she said Blacks who are not partaking in protests to demand justice are not oblivious of the ills in the society but are cautious of the ramifications of their actions.

Alaina Mensah also said Blacks in America are mostly lackadaisical, cold and sometimes lazy which informs other Blacks to patronize services rendered by Whites since they are the complete opposite.

I asked her about her view on Racism and she answered that Racism is not on the rise because people are necessarily Blacks but it is because of the attitudes and tendencies of these people which gets authorities and other racial communities infuriated.

I asked her about her view on Racism and she answered that Racism is not on the rise due to people being Black but it is because of the unfair justice system.

When a person is arrested, it’s normally due to some criminal activity.
There are criminals in all nationalities and some black people do commit crimes, get caught and get arrested. Some have been wrongfully arrested by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

She sighted the global outburst of protests which she does not disagree with describes the past due to anger from blacks; along with other nationalities that support the rights of blacks and feel an immediate change in their racist justice system and give fair financial treatment to blacks as they do whites.

Now, to my question on why Blacks do not want to come and settle in Africa even after the Year of Return and the free citizenship scheme that was announced by the Government of Ghana, Alaina said the number one reason why Blacks do not want to return to Africa is the mental picture they have of the continent to look like a jungle or a safari without proper structure and institutions and also an ingrained history of how Blacks were sold as slaves.

According to her, most Blacks will not be happy or agree to settle in Africa because of the continent’s show of dishonesty, poor amenities, lack of social support, indiscipline, inadequate infrastructure and corruption. She also added that although many will like to come to Africa, they can’t contend with the poor and impoverished nature of systems, mindsets and attitudes of the people.

Alaina Mensah said Africa must pray and cultivate the habit of giving to help them rise above the doldrums of poverty, mediocrity and ignorance, She added that corruption, bribery and social ills must be expunged from the system.

“Also, politicians and African leaders must change their mindset and develop their nations so to encourage Blacks to return to where it all started,” she said.

Screenshot of our live video conversation