A woman who uses her period blood for facials says it leaves her skin soft and ‘glowing’ as she urges others to give it a go.

Mary Miranda, 36, from Chicago, USA, also uses her blood for artwork, dancing and watering her plants.

Her unusual method began after she had her first period aged 12 and spent most of her teen years and early 20s suffering from painful irregular and heavy periods.

Woman uses period blood for makeups, says it leaves skin soft and 'glowing'

The female embodiment coach said she was spent years being ‘ashamed, embarrassed and disgusted by her monthly bleed’ – before discovering ‘Moon Blood’ rituals.

The irregularity of Mary’s monthly cycle meant that sometimes she’d only have a period three or four times a year – something she didn’t realise at the time was abnormal.

Even on birth control, Mary’s period pain didn’t ease noticeably and in 2006 she was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst after she suddenly collapsed five times in pain she had initially dismissed as trapped gas or digestion problems.

She had an emergency salpingo-oophorectomy to remove her right ovary.

Woman uses period blood for makeups, says it leaves skin soft and 'glowing'

Mary discovered Moon Blood rituals, the act of cherishing, welcoming and honouring menstruation and hasn’t looked back since.

Each month Mary gives herself a facial using her period blood which she leaves on for up to 30 minutes, paints with it, dances to it and offers her blood back to the earth by ‘watering’ plants and trees with it.

Now she is keen to break the taboo surrounding periods by sharing her journey publicly online and wants to encourage other women to welcome instead of fear their monthly cycle.

Woman uses period blood for makeups, says it leaves skin soft and 'glowing'

“In my view, our upbringings, society, the patriarchy and religion have influenced a lot on how women feel and act around their periods,” she said.

“Even saying the word period or menstruation is a source of shame, embarrassment, disgust and sin for many women because it is a topic not to be talked about, is taboo, is seen as gross, impure, disgusting and should be kept under the rug.


Source: Mirror.co.uk