Some things are not factual but so long as they have an iota of truth, it is considered as a sane observation that must be given attention.

A careful glance across the lives of young men will show highly depressed and morally demotivated individuals. Most of these young men are making unpardonable mistakes, committing atrocious offenses and making vain commitments.


Depression rate has been on the rise simply because we tend to care less about our happiness and tie our lives to silly promises that we know we can’t keep.

Relationships have become a lucrative venture for some ladies who use it to loot the meager resources of young immature youth.

A tweet from @manlike_rex has summed up the mess many young men have brought upon themselves in the name of been romantic and nice.

In his tweet, Rex threw more light on the obvious fact that many young men are financially incapacitated in a few years because they tend to play the husband’s role earlier than they should.

A story is told of a young man,. who ordered for Uber for a lady she went out with, with the only money left on him and trekked on foot to the house. The next day, the lady called him and requested for airtime and this guy wanting to be nice had to steal from his parents to meet the demand of the girl.

Ultimately, this guy will remain broke and heavily stressed out because he is playing the role of a married man to please a woman who potentially will never marry him. Sad.

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