It’s rather unfortunate that most of our female Ghanaian celebrities have become very bitter towards men.

The reason, one cannot tell but they keep hiding under the umbrella of ‘I’m a feminist’ to just degrade men as if ‘they’re good for nothing’.

Yesterday was father’s day and instead of these so-called female celebrities to allow men to enjoy their day, some have decided to rather once again drag their name in mud.

One of those female celebrities was actress Yvonne Nelson. Instead of wishing men a “Happy Father’s Day” yesterday, she rather wished strong single mothers.

As if that isn’t enough, she went ahead to insult ‘irresponsible men’.

A follower of hers also came in to call her someone who has broken the marriage of someone.

To this, Yvonne replied that his baby daddy Jamie Roberts was separated from his wife before she (Yvonne) dated and even gave birth for him.

Below is a screenshot of their convo. Yvonne Nelson got served by a sensible person:

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